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Henry & Tunks

Espresso Cup Toffee & Earthy Green

Espresso Cup Toffee & Earthy Green

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Small, efficient and no fuss just like your coffee.

Speckled clay espresso cup handmade in the Henry & Tunks studio

  • glazed interior and approximately 1/4 of the exterior
  • all unglazed areas polished until smooth
Please note that the image is reference only. As all pieces are handcrafted you may find slight imperfections and variations. These are considered an integral part of each piece and tell the story of the making process.


Measurements (approximate) - 57mm diameter, 54mm height Volume (approximate) - 90mls/3oz

Care information

All pieces are glazed with lead free, food safe glazes. All unglazed areas are vitrified and impervious to moisture, these areas are polished until smooth however any marks or stains can be gently cleaned with a cream cleanser (Jif). A good rule to follow is any substance that would stain fabric may stain your piece.

We recommend handwashing to prolong the life of your piece

Do not expose to thermal shock (drastic changes in temperature hot-cold).

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